July 13, 2017

Why Craving Money Is Not In Your Best Interest

When it comes to getting what you really want out of life, seeking after money is the not the best idea or goal you should have.  Let me explain.

Wealth creation in and of itself can lead to many unfortunate results in the long run. If your goal for your life and your reason to use a system like the Law of Attraction is to simply acquire more money in the bank then you are in for a BIG surprise.

What you need is a goal that is larger and more satisfying than this. Why do you suppose most lottery winners end up in a very short time broke and desperate?  Their big problem was not having lots of money in the bank. There big issue was they had no dreams big enough to encompass all their wealth.

Money seeking is not your best goal for your life. Take five minutes tonight before you go to bed and write down on a pad of paper the 5 things you will do when you get more money.  Describe then, picture them in your mind and see yourself enjoying them.

In reality most of us do not want more money, we really want more freedom, we really want more control over our wake time, we want to take care of the people closest to us more quickly and easily, we want perhaps to get out of debt and have extra funds to travel the world.

Sure, I am the first to agree that it takes money to make all this happen. But until you get in your mind and heart a clear picture of what you really want all the money I  the world will not make you happy for the long haul.

I like what Marcus Tullius Cicero the Roman politician and lawyer said about freedom. “What then is freedom? The power to live as one wishes.”

Picture and see yourself and feel what it will be like enjoying what your money will buy. When you accomplish this, you are on your way to true wealth.

Bill McBride


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